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Excel Power's award-winning team inspect, install, and service off-grid home solar systems using leading technology.

Sometimes connecting to the main electricity grid isn’t an option. An off-grid solar system can generate and store highly sustainable energy, reduce carbon emissions and eliminate further electricity bills or service charges.

When living off-grid, safety, simplicity, and reliability should be at the top of your priority list. 

At Excel Power, our systems are customised based on your needs using industry-leading brands. Our reputation and wealth of industry experience ensure you receive a high-quality system, with ongoing support and monitoring beyond the purchase point. 

As winners of Australia's Best Off-Grid Solar System, our off-grid home solar systems are designed and built using leading technology designed to future-proof your investment.

Our off-grid system is available for public viewing, so if you are considering going off the grid, make an appointment today to check out how our system works.

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Go off-grid with Enphase and Victron Solar Systems

We understand that connecting to the grid isn’t always affordable or sometimes even an option at all.

To help with this, Excel Power has brought together some of the most sought-after solar brands to provide our customers with off-grid solar power options, regardless of what your power needs are.   

With ongoing support, 24 hour system monitoring and industry-leading warranties for peace of mind, it’s no surprise these brands are leading the way in innovative technology and expert customer service. 

View our range of off-grid solar packages below suitable, available in a variety of sizes. 

Off-Grid Solar Packages

Give us an accurate idea of what size system you will need by completing our load demand profile:


Check out our off-grid air conditioner options with Superen 

Upgrade to off-grid heating and cooling

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