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Excel Power’s electricians specialise in infrared thermal inspections, using the best technology to provide thorough reports and reveal electrical faults.

At Excel, we use the most accurate technology for thermal imaging inspections in order to provide you with the most thorough report. Our reports are designed to caution against temperature anomalies that may indicate possible deterioration or failure of a component or system. A thermal imaging inspection will reveal in seconds any abnormal temperatures indicating equipment failure. 

Thermal imaging is an effective and non-distributive way to establish the integrity and safety of your electrical equipment before incurring a costly failure. All of our clients are provided with copies of our reports for their records.

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Thermal imaging inspections can be used for the following applications: 
  • Determining points of increased or reduced heat emissions
  • Determining component integrity
  • Determining equipment condition 
  • Preventing equipment failure
  • Preventing potential fires due to heat distribution   
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Example Thermal Imaging Report

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