Sports Field Lighting

Our electricians service and install sports field lighting that illuminates the entire oval and can be easily controlled by multiple smartphone devices.

The lighting on your field makes a large impact on both players and spectators. There aren’t many great plays or memorable moments made on a dimly lit sports field.We install and service lighting systems that are easy to use and provide the optimal atmosphere. We have proudly installed many lighting control systems for sports fields all over the Darling Downs.

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Three reasons to choose our lighting control systems:

Easy to use systems

Our systems are easily managed from any computer or smartphone. The interfaces and equipment are simply designed and easy to use

Convenient Reporting

Automatic reporting and tracking make viewing your power usage more convenient than ever before. We make managing your facility easy so you don't have to stress.

Complete Control

With our equipment, you get freedom and control over your system. Easily make schedules, set up users and ensure security.

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Electrical & Data Services

Our award winning team of Electricians can provide additional comprehensive and quality Electrical & Data services

Past Projects

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Electric Car Charging Expansion

With the rise in the number of electric cars, Excel Power is ahead of the curve. As many would have noticed, we have a Tesla charging station at our...

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Queensland Fire & Emergency Services

Seeing first hand how house fires start due to problems associated with DC isolators, safety in a solar system was paramount. The client wanted a...

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Cheesman Applegarth & Partners

In an effort to lower electricity costs, Cheesman Applegarth & Partners sought a solar solution with Excel Power.

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Toowoomba Regional Council

The Council was after technology that would allow their individual sporting organisations and entities to operate sports field lighting and record...

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Kooka’s Childcare Centre

In an effort to lower electricity costs, Kooka’s sought a solar solution with Excel Power. 

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Bushlander Motor Inn

Classed as a large business by Ergon, Bushlander Motor Inn were unable to get the lower, cheaper tariffs causing very high electricity costs.

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An award winning team of electricians

Installations & maintenance repairs for solar systems, air conditioning and commercial refrigeration
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