Rinnai has spent over 50 years providing Australians with safe, efficient, and comfortable cooling systems

Excel Power’s award-winning team is equipped to provide you with seamless installation, maintenance and repairs for your Rinnai air conditioning.

Rinnai’s range of products are designed to deliver the latest technology and optimal levels of comfort to all users.

Excel Power prides itself on recommending quality products and providing premium service to our customers, and can offer a range of options to suit your home, budget and lifestyle.

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Geoflo Hybrid Geothermal Heat Pump 3D Render Front view in garden side house

Geoflo Hybrid Geothermal Heating

Effective, simple, renewable energy at your fingertips 

Everyday the ground absorbs approximately half of the sun’s energy that reaches earth and stores it at a steady temperature at specific depths.

Rinnai’s Geoflo Hybrid 22 Geothermal system harnesses this free renewable energy source from the ground to reliably deliver highly efficient energy boosting to your home’s heating and cooling needs.

Rinnai’s Geoflo system is an incredibly quiet and efficient way to heat and cool your premises and deliver your hot water needs.

Because the stable temperature of the Earth is used, you can sustainably reduce your heating and cooling running costs by up to 50%.

Best of all, geothermal systems can be installed in a wide variety of home or business applications in virtually any location.

Excel Power’s award-winning team is equipped to provide you with seamless installation, maintenance and repairs for your Rinnai Geoflo system.

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Wi-Fi Control

Set your favourite temperature from anywhere and come home to ultimate comfort with out intuitive Android or Apple App. Wi-Fi comes standard with the Wall Mounted Split System and as optional extra with the Slim Ducted and Compact Cassette units.

Turbo Function

Quickly cool in summer or swiftly warm in winter.

Sleep Mode

Designed to control the temperature overnight to ensure high quality, comfortable sleep. Traditional sleep mode temperature control is one way; however our intelligent sleep mode system operates on two-way temperature control that modulates up and down to mimic outside ambient temperatures.

Auto Restart

Auto restart function in case of an electrical power outage provides you with complete peace of mind.

Super Fine Filter

Provides extra protection by keeping fine particles out of the home and providing clean, cool air.


Designed to work around your lifestyle. Once set the system will turn on and off at the specified times of the day, ensuring you wake up and come home to the perfect conditions.

Smart 3D DC Inverter

A faster, more controlled warm-up or cool-down is achieved by the advanced inverter control systems. It combines three Direct Current (DC) motor technologies working in perfect unison to provide you with: Higher Efficiency, Synchronised performance and Lower running cost in comparison to conventional air conditioners.

An award winning team of electricians

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