Understanding Off-Grid Solar Systems

At Excel Power, we often service issues relating to complex, untidy, and borderline dangerous off-grid solar systems.

These systems are proof that investing in quality products provided and installed by certified tradespeople is the only way to ensure a safe, simple, and reliable off-grid system for your home, property, or business. People rely on these systems for their everyday work and lifestyle, so it is important that the system meets their needs, lasts, and is warranted and serviced for many years in the future.

To ensure you’re getting the most from your investment, there are several things to consider: 

  • What your desired installer can offer, especially beyond the point-of-purchase 
  • Your minimum capacity requirements 
  • Products and brands and how they differ from one another 

At Excel Power, we recognise that each customer has different needs and requirements and assess each client’s off-grid solar project individually.

Our team performs personalised consultations with our customers prior to purchase to ensure we recommend the right products for your power needs. We consider your power usage, system expandability, and solar panel layout considering times of day and seasons. During this consultation, we also provide expert knowledge and recommendations to help you maximise your system efficiency and save power consumption.

The Benefits of an Excel Power Off-Grid Solar System

At Excel Power, we pride ourselves on providing quality off-grid solar systems with professional installation. Our team constantly receives updated training and are certified to install and advise you on the quality, trusted brands we provide. Our simple, sleek, and tidy designs are visually appealing, require minimal storage space, offer great resale value, and are easier to work on, in the event of an issue.

Our systems have 24-hour monitoring capabilities to ensure that your system is working efficiently and any issues are detected immediately. Customers can check their own systems anytime via supported smartphone apps while also knowing our team continuously monitors each system through Tesla and Enphase systems.

Excel Power’s decades of experience across the fire safety, solar, and electrical industries has earned us a wealth of accreditations and certifications. We are proud Platinum Level Installers of Enphase Products, Certified Tesla Installers, and Gold Master Electricians.


The Brands We Trust to Deliver Quality Solar


The Tesla Powerwall is a revolutionary home battery system that ensures you always have access to power. With easy installation and quick set-up speed, the Tesla Powerwall works with your solar panels to store excess solar energy that you can utilise later. Other benefits include:

  • a sleek, compact and simple wall-mountable design that improves your property value
  • Ability to expand up to 10 Powerwalls on one system
  • Weatherproof and touch-safe
  • 5kW continuous output per Powerwall
  • 24/7 mobile monitoring
  • 10-year warranty with unlimited cycles 

Unlike cheaper solar panels systems that utilise a string inverter setup, Excel Power’s Enphase micro-inverter setup increases your system’s overall effectiveness as each panel’s output doesn’t impact the system’s overall performance. There are numerous reasons as to why Enphase systems benefit off-grid users, including:

  • Enphase uses a high-quality no-string microinverter system to eliminate the chance of a single point of failure and reduces potential down time. 
  • The micro-inverters operate independently to ensure each panel performs to its maximum potential.
  • Enphase systems have the flexibility to enable easy expandablity. 
  • As opposed to string inverter setups that can only run in the same direction, our micro-inverters can be placed on panels anyway, almost anywhere. This allows us to utilise any available space to increase the effectiveness of your system. 
  • With live system monitoring, our Enphase systems come with top-of-the-line support and 10-year warranty. 

As award-winning Platinum Installers of Enphase products, we have proven reliability installing Enphase systems and receive top-priority product allocation, technical support, and executive access for our customers.

Solar Panels

Excel Power pride ourselves on only using quality solar panels. These include:

  • Tindo Solar
    Australian owned and made
    25 year product and performance warranty
  • Sunpower
    Up to 40 years product warranty
    Already have Enphase microinverters integrated 
  • Hyundai
    25 years product and performance warranty

To learn more about the different components and brands associated with solar, check out our Beginner’s Guide to Solar to get started.


When living off-grid, safety, simplicity, and reliability should be at the top of your priority list. 

At Excel Power, our systems are customised based on your needs using industry-leading brands. Our reputation and wealth of industry experience ensure you receive a high-quality system, with ongoing support and monitoring beyond the purchase point. 

Partner with us today for a sustainable energy source. Learn more about our off-grid systems below or 

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