Ross, Hirstglen Off-Grid Home

Location: Hirstglen, QLD
Solution: Off-grid home solar setup with battery system

Description of Project:

Ross from Hirstglen, QLD visited the team instore after finding their website online. He toured the onsite off-grid systems for a better understanding of their setup and a site visit was organised for the team to assess his storage and power capacity needs.

With an off-grid home operating on only a generator for years, Ross decided to upgrade his power supply by investing in an off-grid solar system - a more affordable and sustainable alternative to connecting directly into the power grid. Ross also needed an option that wouldn’t require large storage options for battery systems.

Solution & Delivery:

Excel Power installed 12 LG solar panels, 12 Enphase microinverters and 1 Tesla Powerwall with 5kW output power, capable of powering multiple appliances at once - a luxury Ross didn’t have before when running a single generator.

Ross also partnered with Excel Power to add an LG air conditioner to his setup now that he had the power supply to run one.


The installation of a solar system has vastly improved his off-grid setup and offers peace of mind instead of relying heavily on a generator. Ross received 15 years warranty on his Enphase microinverters and LG solar panels plus 10 years warranty for the Tesla Powerwall. The installation took 1 day to complete and the system is backed-up by an auto-start generator.


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