Riverina Australia | Commercial Solar Install - Manufacturing Mill, Kingaroy

Company: Riverina Australia
Location: Kingaroy, QLD
Solution: Grid-connected solar installation with monitoring system for large-scale agribusiness manufacturing facility.

Description of Project:

Riverina Australia approached Excel Power to investigate the options for solar across a range of their feed manufacturing facilities.

Our team conducted a thorough analysis of all the sites and identified the Kingaroy location as the most sustainable candidate for an energy upgrade.

Riverina Australia required a reliable, powerful system which would support the high energy demands of their manufacturing equipment, whilst ensuring that the site was able to meet Ergon’s network requirements.


There are numerous reasons which make solar a solid investment for large production businesses. For Riverina’s Kingaroy site, which operates between 9-5, six days a week, the higher energy usage that comes with operations makes this site an ideal candidate for solar energy [Figure 1].

The Excel team and Riverina selected a 2.76kW Three Phase PV Solar System with 29.316kW Enphase microinverters, including:

  1. 84 x Enphase IQ 7A Microinverters (15 Year Product Warranty, upgradeable to 25 years)
  2. 1 x Enphase Envoy
  3. 84 x Hyundai 390W Solar Panels (25 Year Product Warranty)
  4. System is fully monitored, expandable and battery ready


The entire installation took under a week for Excel’s team to complete, and thanks to the Enlighten app, a faulty micro inverter was identified, Excel was alerted, and the part was replaced under warranty within days of the fault [Figure 2].

The Enlighten monitoring dashboard provides Riverina Australia with live-updating data about how much energy is produced, the savings equivalent, and the split between grid and solar energy across the entire site [Figure 3].

To learn more about commercial solar, click below to read our handy guide.


Excel Power’s Manager, Graham Bidgood, conducted the analysis across Riverina’s sites, basing his recommendations on the potential ROI of each facility.

“The expected payback period for the Kingaroy site met Riverina’s expectation, making it the best choice to roll out a solar system given Ergon’s network requirements and the variety of machinery used onsite,” says Graham.

“This system can be monitored remotely using Enphase’s Enlighten app, is capable of giving the warehouse up to 77% energy independence from the grid - as we move into summer we will start to see higher and higher levels of output.”

Kingaroy’s solar system will save up to 44 tons of carbon emissions per year, making this installation a significant step for Riverina’s mission to operate sustainably as a commercial operation.

“A sincere thank you goes to the team at Excel Power for their work - their professionalism and high quality service have provided a great finished product that Riverina looks forward to utilising for years to come."

- David Hunter, Riverina Stockfeeds Managing Director

Excel Power is supporting numerous commercial customers to achieve sustainability via renewable energy. If your company wants to as well or you want to learn more about our solar solutions, visit:

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Figure 1. The Kingaroy facility’s weekly energy consumption (orange) and production (blue) charted within Enlighten’s live updating dashboard.

Figure 2. Enlighten allows individual monitoring of each solar panel, and notifies the user of any faults or malfunctioning parts in the system down to the specific panel location.

Figure 3. Enlighten dashboard displaying Riverina’s energy production and consumption.


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