Our Bird, Toowoomba Commercial Solar

Company: Our Bird
Location: Toowoomba, QLD
Solution: 38.25kW Three Phase PV Solar System with Microinverters


Excel Power was approached by Our Bird, a bird seed wholesaler in Toowoomba, after completing a residential project for the company owner, Wayne.

Wayne previously engaged Excel to install an Enphase system on his home and was highly impressed with his system’s reliability and monitoring capabilities - so much so, that he decided to get one for his business.

Our Bird required a system that would be able to keep up with their high energy usage, while ensuring that the business did not progress into the next tariff and pay higher charges.


There are numerous reasons why businesses should go solar. For businesses operating between 9-5, five days a week, the higher energy usage that comes with operations makes them the ideal candidate for solar energy.

There are many factors that go into deciding the right solar system for your business, including tariffs, unavoidable charges/bills, current bills, layout, and more.

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After an extensive review and discussion of the company’s energy requirements, current usage, and other impacting factors (such as tariffs), Excel decided that an Enphase/LG solar system would be the most beneficial for Our Bird.

Our team installed a 38.25kW Three Phase PV Solar System with 29.665kW Enphase microinverters, including: 

  • 85x Enphase IQ 7A Microinverters
    With 15-year product warranty, upgradeable to 25 years
  • 1x Enphase Envoy
  • 85x LG Mono X Plus 450W Solar Panels
    With 15-year product warranty
  • Aluminium and stainless-steel racking
    With 1-year product warranty 

Excel’s qualified team fully installed the system, including the racking, microinverters, panels, and electrics, without the need to use subcontractors. Our capable team also executed the commissioning process to test and ensure that the system functions according to Our Bird’s requirements.

We installed the LG panels in a landscape formation, as was decided in our assessment period due to the shape of the roof and other environmental factors.

A Ubiquiti setup between Our Bird’s office and solar shed was also installed to provide an internet connection and allow for real-time system monitoring. We also installed a Dekoron cable that ran from the MSB to the solar distribution board in the middle shed.


Our Bird’s system is fully monitored, so they can always see their real time data and energy usage. Plus, if anything were to ever go wrong with their system, Our Bird would be alerted to ensure that the problem is promptly resolved.

The system is also highly expandable and battery ready, so if Our Bird’s requirements change in the future, their solar system can adapt with them.

Excel have estimated that Our Bird’s expected system payoff period approximately only 4 years. Over the systems 25-year lifetime, we estimate that Our Bird will save a total of over $300,000 from their energy bill (approximately $12,000 per annum).

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