Kooka’s Childcare Centre

Company: Kooka’s Childcare Centre
Location: Kingsthorpe, QLD
Installation Date: 02/2019
Solution: Custom-sized LG & Enphase solar system

In an effort to lower electricity costs, Kooka’s sought a solar solution with Excel Power.

Prior to installing solar, we installed an Enphase Envoy to accurately measure their power usage and to design a solar system customised to their energy usage and habits.

Due to the business hours of 6am - 6pm, this business is the perfect candidate to utilise the  benefits of a solar system as the majority of their workday is when the sun is up.

Energy Management:

  • From monitoring, we recognised that the hot water system was continuously recirculating and heating (without the need to). We put the hot water system onto a timer and it now only heats during the day, when there’s plenty of solar to cover the load.
  • Changed over old lighting to energy efficient LEDs

We recommended and installed a solar system comprising of  26.8kW LG NeON2 solar panels  & 23.6kW Enphase IQ 7+ microinverters which will greatly reduce their existing energy bills.

Kooka’s Childcare Centre is now enjoying the benefits of reduced electricity costs at their site  as well as data on their electricity usage which can result in further efficiencies. 


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