Glenn, West Haldon Off-Grid Shed

Location: West Haldon, QLD
Solution: Off-grid solar setup with Powerwalls


Glenn approached Excel Power to provide his new remote shed with an off-grid solar setup and battery system.

Glenn’s shed is in a highly remote location on the edge of the range in West Haldon, unable to access on-grid power. Glenn wanted to use the shed and required a system to help power the shed for his family of six. Wanting to ensure that his shed had consistent access to reliable power, with options to be able to expand in the future if required, Glenn decided to invest in a new solar setup with Excel Power.

After a chat with the Excel Power team about his options, Glenn was confident that Excel Power’s reliable, high-quality products and services would provide the answer to his requirements.

Solution & Delivery:

After assessing Glenn’s off-grid system requirements, Excel’s team decided that a new LG/Tesla/Enphase off-grid system would be the best solution. Excel Power installed a quality off-grid system comprising of:

  • 24 x LG Mono X Plus 370W solar panels
    With LG Solar Panels, Glenn gets more power per square metre compared to non-LG brands, better high temperature performance, and lower degradation rates. Tested specifically for the tough Australian conditions, Glenn knows his LG panels will perform reliably.
  • 24 x Enphase IQ7+ Microinverters
    Excel Power’s Enphase high-quality no-string microinverter system eliminates the chance of a single point of failure. As there is some slight shading on the shed’s panels throughout winter, the microinverters will help produce more power under these conditions compared to string inverters — an important feature for an off-grid system where reliable performance is crucial. Plus, with live system monitoring, Glenn can see exactly how well his system is performing 24/7, down to panel level.  
  • 2 x Tesla Powerwall 13.5kW Battery Systems (27kW usable at 100% DoD)
    The Tesla Powerwall is a revolutionary home battery system that works with Glenn’s LG solar panels to store excess solar energy that he can utilise later. The Powerwall is weatherproof and touch safe, and has 24/7 mobile monitoring, to ensure high performance. Glenn’s two Tesla Powerwalls don’t require a generator, but one can be easily added later if required.

With Excel Power’s LG/Tesla/Enphase off-grid system, Glenn’s shed provides a reliable and powerful electricity supply for his family and visitors, as well. Glenn will have no worries adding electrical items to his shed to make him and his family more comfortable.

Glenn’s system is easily expandable, with more panels and microinverters (up to 600), and Powerwalls (up to 10) able to be added at any time. So, if Glenn’s power requirements change, his system can easily adapt to meet them.

Further, with 10-year warranty and unlimited cycles on the Tesla Powerwalls, and 15-year warranty on his Enphase IQ series microinverters and LG solar panels, Glenn can be confident that his system is built to last.

Learn more about Excel Power’s off-grid solar system capabilities.

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