Bushlander Motor Inn

Company: Bushlander Motor Inn
Location: Wandoan, QLD
Installation Date: 06/2018
Solution: Custom-sized LG & Enphase solar system

Classed as a large business by Ergon, Bushlander Motor Inn were unable to get the lower, cheaper tariffs causing very high electricity costs. They wanted a solar system that would eliminate their daytime usage running costs and to be able to change their tariff to a small business one, thus saving money with tariffs alongside solar.

We recommended and installed a 30kW LG & Enphase S270 solar system which will greatly reduce their existing energy bills. At our recommendation, they engaged their local electricians to source and stagger timers for the hot water systems in an effort to self-consume the power that the solar was producing. This was made possible by monitoring  the production and consumption of the site through Enlighten Manager, ensuring all usage stayed within the solar curve. 


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