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As award-winning Platinum Installers of Enphase products, Excel Power’s team ensures you benefit from Enphase’s microinverters, system monitoring, high performance, and expandability. 

Performance — Reliability — Intelligence
Enphase have built their brand on these three fundamental pillars and their products reflect these key attributes. 

Performance - Enphase use a high-quality no-string microinverter system to eliminate the chance of a single point of failure.
Their microinverter system also operates independently, to ensure each panel performs to its maximum potential. 

Reliability - Enphase products not only stand the test of time but are proven to perform in the most extreme conditions - whether it’s Norther Territory's extreme heat or Tasmania's sub-zero temperatures.
To prove this, every microinverter generation is exposed to 1 million power-on hours of testing prior to release. This testing includes cycling microinverters from -40°C to 85°C over 1,000 times in specialised chambers, repetitive 2m drop tests and more. Only when they prove they can withstand these harsh conditions, do they go into production. 

Intelligence - Enphase have created an online and mobile-friendly monitoring software called Enphase MyEnlighten. This software allows you to keep track of your savings and even troubleshoot directly with your installer in the unlikely event that something isn’t working properly - to get your system back up and running quickly.

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11 benefits of Enphase Microinverters:

Increased output

Each panel’s output won't impact the overall performance of the whole system thanks to Enphase's microinverters.

Increased flexibility

The use of microinverters means solar technicians can design a panel array across multiple roof areas – both across different orientations and angles.

System monitoring

Enphase employ a clever monitoring hub, which transfers live data on system performance and critical issues directly to your Enphase and Excel Power technicians.

System safety

Enphase use AC cables to ensure a safer, lower voltage option with plenty of power.

No single point of failure

Experience less downtime during a warranty claim or a service check by eliminating a single point of failure from your solar system.

Remote technical support

Both Enphase and Excel power receive real-time monitoring and automated alerts to faults within your system. Enphase technicians can also perform firmware upgrades remotely.

Easily expandable

Add more panels with ease - the only limit is your roof size!

Three Phase Power at no additional cost

This is the most financially sound option in case you need to upgrade your system later down the line.

10-year warranty

This warranty covers full replacement as opposed to sending faulty parts back to the manufacturer, leaving you out of pocket.

Battery ready

Enphase grant the option to add batteries in the future, adding to its modular and expandable design.

Utility compliant

Enphase designs ensure compliance and interoperability with your local electric utility.

Did you know Excel Power are Platinum Installers of Enphase products?

We have earnt the highest status as Enphase installers so we can better partner our customers with quality Enphase products while offering customers Enphase's full range of benefits. 

What does it mean to be an Enphase Platinum Installer? 

For a business to belong to the top tier of Enphase installers they must: 

  • Have the longest track record of exclusively installing Enphase products 
  • Possess the ability to earn the highest customer satisfaction scores
  • Possess the ability to deliver exceptional quality 
  • Possess an EIN certification 

As a result we now offer customers a discounted product warranty extension of up to 25 years by up to 74%. We also have access to Enphase digital tools and services, technical training while receiving top priority for product allocation, technical support and executive access for our customers. 

To learn more about the benefits of working with an Enphase Platinum Installer or to learn more about Enphase products, talk to our team

An accredited team of Enphase specialists

Excel Power are your Platinum Enphase specialists, for installations and maintenance.
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