Wippells Autos, Toowoomba

Company: Wippells Autos
Location: Toowoomba City, QLD
Installation Date: 2020 - Current

Description of Project:

Wippells Autos required a sustainable energy solar system which was not only designed to meet their energy consumption needs but minimised the visibility of solar panels and shielded the commercial building from any fire risk. 


Excel Power used Enphase IQ 7+ microinverters to create a setup that was simple to manage and monitor while remaining as safe and efficient as possible for their energy needs. 

Benefits for Facility Owners:
  • The use of microinverters simplified the design and installation process 
  • The complete AC system, which produces not high-voltage DC, guaranteed a safe solar solution 
  • The addition of the Enphase Envoy communications system makes monitoring the system, accessing insights and conducting maintenance simpler 
  • High quality products with durable construction and reliable performance backed by a 10-year warranty in the Australian solar market, which can be extended for 15, 20 or 25 years 
Thoughts on the Project:

"We have exclusively utilised Enphase microinverters for all solar projects since we discovered the technology in 2016. Enphase offers smarter, safer and better solar, which future-proofs not only our customers but also our business, aligning with our mission to realise the long-term benefits of a renewable energy future" - Michael Reiken, Director at Excel Power. 

"Excel Power is a leading example of how a solar operation can distinguish itself in a competitive market by building a reputation for quality and safe AC solar using Enphase products" - Dave Ranhoff, Chief Commercial Officer at Enphase Energy. 

Read the article from Circuit Magazine for more insights into this successful local project at Wippells Autos. 


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