Toowoomba Regional Council

Company: Toowoomba Regional Council
Location: Toowoomba, QLD
Installation Date: 2017 - Current

Description of Project:

The Council was after technology that would allow their individual sporting organisations and entities to operate sports field lighting and record their usage throughout Toowoomba and the Darling Downs. Some venues had multiple users accessing the lights at different times and days and as such this presented another challenge to consider. Their current system relied on client reporting of usage and as such was not accurate, with the control systems failing all the time. There were numerous venues to do, but there was limited access to them at certain times due to them being booked for training and competition events.


Excel Power conducted research into what technology was available within budget constraints. We found a product called IllumiTrac, which would capture the data the council required, allow organisation access by SMS, and organise monthly reporting, which was required in their brief. Other benefits of the IllumiTrac include:

Benefits for Facility Owners:
  • Full remote control of all functions
  • Remote access with any internet connected device
  • No intervention required due to schedule changes
  • Reduced wastage – lights don’t come on until activated by the user
  • Improved accountability – full log of all activity
  • Reduced cost and response time – new users can be given access in a matter of minutes
  • Improved security – change PINs as often as desired
  • Improved vandal and damage control – use alarms to notify break-ins, flooding etc.
  • Simple installation and setup
  • Designed and manufactured in Australia – readily available local support
  • Keypad option available
Benefits for Users:
  • Reduced cost – pay only for actual usage
  • Increased convenience – no need to inform anyone of game cancellations or time extensions
  • Increased convenience – use your own mobile phone, no need to search for light switches etc. in the dark
  • Increased convenience and security – no keys or access cards to lose or forget

Firstly, we installed an IllumiTrac at a trial site for the council. After the successful trial, the council went ahead with 20 IllumiTrac installations across various parks throughout the region. We had to ensure flexibility when scheduling to coordinate the work with the numerous sporting clubs, council and local suppliers. Due to the IllumiTrac being complex in terms of programming and wiring, specialised training was given to existing staff so that they could undertake the task successfully. This training allowed us to keep to the Council’s schedule for installations as we could provide a fast turnaround due to the number of trained staff we had available. As part of the installation process, a solution was further developed to allow accurate billing of electricity to users by integration of pulse timed outputs to input with Class 1 meters ensuring each end user was billed correctly for time of use consumption.


The outcome for the IllumiTrac program was successful. The council was able to:

  • Provide their users with accurate electricity usage data
  • Reduce electricity wastage due to the user being more responsible for time charged
  • Ensure usage outside of regulated hours was halted by use on restrictions placed within the programming of each site
  • Reduced maintenance costs due to reliability of IllumiTrac
  • Council administrators can remotely access an lllumiTrac to control all connected lights and devices, manage users and view recorded data

We have successfully continued the installation and maintenance of these systems on Council's remaining sites as their budgetary constraints allow. These systems are now installed as a matter course in any new lighting for sporting fields that council undertakes with

Excel Power as preferred supplier for these works. No one site is the same and often times our technicians are asked to rethink applications to ensure best practice outcomes are delivered for each client at each facility.


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