Sean, Millmerran Off-Grid Hobby Farm

Location: Millmerran, QLD
Solution: Off-grid solar setup with battery system for hobby farm

Description of Project:

Sean approached Excel Power in-store after finding their business online and their range of trusted brands.

His off-grid hobby farm’s existing solar system setup was quite outdated and dramatically underperforming. Power output was so low Sean could only power one electrical appliance at a time. The option of upgrading his pre-existing system to one which would allow multiple appliances to be used at the same time was essential, offering greater flexibility.

An onsite visit was arranged to determine if repairs were possible, however it became quickly apparent the old system would still be too costly to run, wouldn’t be expandable and, to make matters worse, the businesses who made the parts for his current system had gone out of business, so there was no way for Sean to chase warranties or replacement parts.


Michael guided Sean towards a full system replacement, which would be much safer, more efficient, give Sean the power capabilities he needed and would be more affordable.

After being let down by cheaper products, Sean was keen to invest in reliable brands such as LG, Enphase and Tesla to ensure he was covered by warranties and had their ongoing support services to rely on. Sean chose to work with Excel Power for their quality products and expertise.


Within 1 day, Excel Power installed 10 LG solar panels, 10 Enphase microinverters and 1 Tesla Powerwall. The system came with expandable capabilities and Sean received training on how to use and keep track of his power usage through both Tesla and Enphase monitoring systems, as well as information packs for further education. The system was also connected to his existing auto-start generator for back-up power.


Post-install Sean commented that he was happy with Excel Power’s professional installation, as well as the capabilities of the technology provided. Backup and support from both Excel Power, Enphase and Tesla was also available 24/7 - something Sean never had with his old setup.


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