RFS Off-Grid Case Study

Company: Rural Fire Service
Location: Multiple locations across QLD
Solution: Various solar & battery system setups

Description of Project:

With stations located in remote areas, the Rural Fire Service approached Excel Power with a need to upgrade the existing power systems across multiple stations, while avoiding the expensive alternative of accessing mains grid power.

Their solution needed to be safe, due to their isolated location in dense bushland. It was essential the system provided adequate, reliable power at a moment’s notice, particularly in the event of an emergency given the nature of their work.

Another important factor to consider was creating a system that was expandable if their stations grew in capacity.

The RFS contacted Excel Power because of how highly they prioritise safe, reliable power options as well as their ability to provide an adequate, long-lasting solution.


Michael Reiken, owner and director of Excel Power, conducted face-to-face consultations to assess each location's individual power needs. Michael discussed a variety of product options and ultimately provided a competitive quote including Victron MultiPlus II + Enphase IQ7+ microinverters, PowerPlus Energy Eco 4.0kW Lithium Batteries and LG Mono X Plus 370W panels. Each RFS station had a tailored package depending on their capacity needs.

Excel Power were also able to provide the necessary connections and power sources to ensure the RFS had backup power via onsite generators, if the site required more power.


Excel Power discussed various package solutions with the RFS and ensured the right amount of power was available to each station with the ability to add to the system in the future. A number of electricians from Excel Power worked across these projects to provide timely, professional installations. All of the systems have the ability to be monitored and Excel Power regularly do so, to ensure the systems are always functioning.


Each RFS station now has access to reliable power and efficient backup capabilities for emergencies.

RFS were so impressed with Excel Power’s professional quote to installation process and quality materials they have continued to use Excel Power as their preferred partner for a further 6 jobs.


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