Leichhardt Motor Inn Aircon Install

Company: Leichhardt Motor Inn
Location: Toowoomba, QLD
Solution: 20x LG WS12 Smart Series 3.4kW Reverse Cycle Split System


With multiple rooms needing to upgrade their air conditioning systems, Leichhardt Motor Inn approached Excel Power after hearing about their quality installations and experience.

Leichhardt Motor Inn’s existing air conditioners were outdated, and each system had to be managed individually. This meant that Leichhardt Motor Inn would have to go into each room after the occupants had checked out to ensure that each room’s air conditioning system was turned off. If staff could not immediately go into each room after guests check out, it meant that the air conditioning system could potentially be running for hours unnecessarily, wasting power.

Further, with the rise of COVID, entering an unclean hotel room immediately after the occupants leave has become increasingly riskier and undesirable for the hotel.

Leichhardt Motor Inn required a commercial air conditioning set-up that worked smarter than their previous to prevent systems from being left on unnecessarily by room guests and wasting power.


LG’s WS12 System, with its Wi-Fi Smart Control, affordability, energy management and warranty, was the clear answer for Leichhardt Motor Inn’s commercial air conditioning needs.

As certified LG dealers, Excel provided on-site assessment to fully understand the customer’s requirements and provide the most effective solution. Excel worked with Leichhardt Motor Inn to understand their requirements and, using this information, advised on the appropriate LG system for the room size, type, and orientation. Our team individually assessed each hotel room to advise on the best place to install each system for maximum efficiency and product performance.

The Excel team considered the model size, ratings, energy efficiency and other features of their LG systems and found that a WS12 would be most beneficial for the hotel.

With the LG ThinQ app, Leichhardt Motor Inn can monitor and control their systems in each room remotely. By simply using the mobile or desktop app, they can ensure that their systems are running efficiently and can easily switch them off as soon as guests check out. Likewise, Leichhardt Motor Inn can remotely turn on their systems prior to guest arriving to ensure that their guests can arrive to comfort.

Excel’s LG air conditioning systems come at an affordable price. As certified LG dealers, Excel can offer our LG systems at a cheaper rate than purchasing at an electrical goods store. This was important for the hotel, as installing numerous air conditioning systems for each hotel room seemed like a costly feat. However, through Excel’s affiliation with LG, Leichhardt Motor Inn received these air conditioning systems at an affordable price without having to sacrifice quality.

Further, our LG systems come with a 10-year compressor warranty to ensure that the system runs smoothly for years to come. Leichhardt Motor Inn can rest assured that if they encounter a problem with their systems, Excel’s expert team is ready to provide support.


Excel’s team installed 20x WS12 LG air conditioning systems over two weeks, coordinating each of these installs with the hotel’s room availability. Excel carefully tested each system to ensure that each unit was operating correctly and provided Leichhardt Motor Inn with in-depth training, tips, and guidance on how their new systems worked, how to maximise efficiency, and how to operate the LG ThinQ app. 


Using the LG ThinQ app, the Leichhardt Motor Inn can now ensure that its guests enjoy the perfect temperature room upon arrival and can prevent systems from being left on unnecessarily, reducing power consumption.

Learn more about Excel’s air conditioning capabilities and experience and download the Beginner’s Guide to Air Conditioning.

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