At Excel Power, warranty is known as accountability.

We guarantee our product and service, as well as the system's performance. Excel Power optimally uses the latest technology and procedures to deliver client requirements into the future. Our test, measurement, analysis and PV solar commissioning instruments are the latest technology and we pride ourselves on our advances in the industry. Our clients receive recorded values at the time of commission and can be checked against future measurements for warranty and system performance over time. 

Excel Power is also a service partner for multiple brands and can facilitate the entire warranty procedure and service, despite the company that installed it. 
Lodge a Warranty Claim
Solar Panel & Inverter Warranty Downloads

These warranty terms and conditions provide information such as the period during which your inverter or solar panels are covered by warranty, i.e. the number of years during which you can claim warranty if your solar power unit or modules cease to function correctly. They also detail the type of faults that are covered by warranty and the ones that are excluded. Finally, you will find information about the warranty claim process as well as the repair or replacement procedure.
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