Battery FAQs

    Q. I already have a solar PV system, can I just add a battery storage system?

        Yes, it is possible to retrofit a battery storage system to your existing solar system. The options you have for a retrofit will depend on whether you are single or three phase, and the inverter size of your current solar PV system.

    Q. Who installs my home battery system?

        Excel Power's team of highly experienced electricians will install your home battery system.

    Q. How much does installation of a solar battery system cost?

        The cost of installation will differ from home to home, depending on which phase of electricity your home is, which battery you decide on, how much electrical work is required, etc.

    Q. How will a solar battery system save me money?

        Instead of exporting your surplus solar energy to the grid for a low feed-in tariff (the average in Australia is around just 5 cents per unit), your solar battery will store any excess electricity, allowing you to use it at night-time when your solar PV system is not generating any energy.

        By using your own “free” stored solar generation rather than buying electricity from the grid for full price (around 26 cents per unit), you’ll save a substantial amount on electricity bills.

    Q. Why does Excel Power sell lithium-ion based batteries?

        We have chosen to sell lithium-ion based batteries due to the fact they are compact, safe, and highly reliable compared to competing technologies.

    Q. Will I still get paid a feed-in tariff for any excess solar electricity I export to the grid?

        Yes, choosing to install a battery does not affect your ability to receive a feed-in tariff. However, it will reduce the amount you would normally export to the grid, as you’ll be storing it in your battery instead.

    Q. Are home batteries safe?

        Unlike old lead acid batteries, modern lithium ion batteries are completely safe. This in addition to requiring no maintenance, scheduled servicing, or fuel.

The Environment

    Q. Are home batteries good for the environment?

        Yes, installing a home battery system will significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

    Q. Are home batteries recyclable?

        Yes, all lithium-ion batteries sold by Excel Power are recyclable.

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